USHUD Advice – 3 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

The first and easiest way to increase curb appeal is to plant some colorful flowers. If there are no places available to plant, use a window box but flowers have melted the hearts of men and women throughout history and there is no change in that coming anytime soon. Flowers brighten the darkest corner and spread cheer just by looking at them. Planting bulbs will not do the same trick. Planting or presenting full grown flowers is an easy way to make a house more inviting and seem like a happy place to move to.
Painting a USHUD home may seem like an easy thing but when it comes time to do it many people opt for the color that they like. Painting the exterior is a major decision when it comes to appealing to the most amount of people. Cold dark colors or faded paint that has been beaten by the sun are not pleasing to the eye and unless the rest of the house is a fixer upper we want the exterior color to not only be fresh but attractive to as many people as possible. Mustard yellow may please some people but there is nothing wrong with the traditional white which not only makes the home look larger but it has the added benefit of appearing to some as a blank canvas which they can then paint whatever color they want. Trim should also be painted but in a contrasting color that is equally appealing to as many people as possible. This is not time to be creative. It is time to make the house sell as quickly as possible for the highest price which means that neutrality is more important than creativity.
A paved drive way screams out “OLD” and easy way to fix this is to have a paver come in and make the necessary repairs but a slightly cheaper method is to lay gravel down and allow the sound of tires rolling over gravel to welcome the potential buyers to their new USHUD home. Gravel has long been seen as a makeshift answer to road ways but when it comes to a home a light colored gravel drive makes the home feel as though the person driving into the home is entering a much more splendorous USHUD home than it may be. Gravel is inexpensive and the sound provided is worth halting the conversation so that the new owner is able to hear and feel the opulence.