Teach the Teacher

Teachers get better as they teach.  As discussed earlier the teacher learns from their students.  Can you imagine a teacher that didn’t consider the students point of view. That would be a boring class and you would not learn a thing.  I hate when the teacher is not motivated and bored with their life.  It can really harm a students attitude and make them hate school.  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/  is a resource for teachers looking to get materials and ideas on teaching. Who knows what the future of teaching is.  With online schools offering degrees why do you even need a teacher?  Keep your options open.

Acting like an Actor

Are you an aspiring actor?  Well you may need to start acting like an actor. Tonye Cole’s education initiatives can help. You see acting is all about the way you act in the real world.  Actors are supposed to be starving artists in pursuit of their passion.  Well that may or may not be the case but that is exactly what everyone expects you to be.  If you are not tortured and suffering then no one will take you serious as an actor.  It becomes more difficult to maintain this façade if you obtain success but to continue to get acting offers you must keep the farce going.

Mark Dubowitz Helps Educate The World

We are only as good as our education and content of subjects we learn about. Today seems to be a period in time when people shun education when 50 years ago people would march and get hit in the face with rocks demanding to be educated. Can you imagine be taught by some of the greatest minds and research groups in the country today? What about being educated by the one who is in charge of a research group such as Mark Dubowitz, the director of Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

Through his website http://topics.bloomberg.com/mark-dubowitz/ you can read all the research and discovery findings of FDD and learn the answers to the question of millions of people, “What is going on in the world around us?” The research conducted by FDD serves the goal to search and educate the public and political offices in both the United States and around the world about the activities of Iran.