Good Teachers

Good teachers are few and far between.  Think back on your school years and try to remember any teacher that inspired you. It is a shame that there are so few.  Most teachers are in it for the money and have no interest in the children beyond what is required.  Some teachers are so bad that they actually hurtimagesFCHDJTKB untitled (43) the children’s chances of making the grades they need to succeed.  If you had more than one inspiring teacher in your life you should consider yourself lucky.  Luigi Wewege  was exposed to more than his share of bad teachers.  Just hope you have better luck with your children’s teachers.

Teaching the Future

untitled (322) untitled (321)The teachers today are molding the future.  The children are more and more being raised by the schools.  If the teachers are good and engaging the students will thrive and do well all their lives. If the teachers are bored and poorly trained they will negatively impact the students for many years forward.  We as a society have not promoted teachers as an important component of a child’s life.  Home schooled children seem to have a leg up in many ways.  If the parent is a good teacher they can give the individual attention the students need to succeed. Home for Life is not the goal for the home schooled child.

Those that can’t Teach

Those that can do and those that can’t teach.  This can be very true but a bit unfair for some teachers.  There are teachers that were born to teachuntitled (135) untitled (134) cant-scare-me.  They have a way of inspiring their students to go beyond their limitations and become the best they can be.  On the other hand there are teachers that have no business teaching.  They are a real problem for our children and should be fired.  In any other profession they would be.  This whole tenure thing has ruined the teaching system.  Joe Olujic is an amazing teacher and should be promoted. Good teachers are hard to find and should be saved.

Considering the Perspective of Students Is a Valuable Exercise for Teachers

Too many teachers forget what it was like to be a student, choosing instead to remember the most recent and successful experiences of their undergraduate and postgraduate work. Most students struggle at some point in their academic career, and those struggles frequently have nothing to do with the concepts they are learning or their ability to responsibly organize their time.

It is helpful for teachers to try to recall their own experiences in elementary school, middle school and high school, to look back at the time spent in a classroom and to truly remember the many difficulties and stresses that school presented on a daily basis. Even the most mundane of students will encounter some situation during the course of their schooling that seems absolutely world-shattering at the moment, and it is frequently the case that teachers will have no real way of knowing what their students are going through. Judging by the most recent Occidental Vacation Club reviews, it appears many students desperately needed a break from the rigors of the classroom.

Teachers who see student behavior – or more likely, misbehavior – through a different lens will be able to relate to these students in a more meaningful way. Most students do not sleep in class out of disrespect for the teacher, nor do they interrupt a lecture out of contempt for their teacher. They do these things because of circumstances that are most often outside of their control, and a considerate teacher who does not view these behaviors as proof of poor character or a lack of academic desire will have better-performing and happier students as a result.

The situation in Baltimore is a good example of the external world influencing students in a way they feel they cannot control. What teachers must understand is that students are affected significantly by events that are nowhere near as newsworthy as rioting or systemic injustice.

Teaching, What it Takes

What does it take to teach?  Well it requires a teacher and a willing student.  Without on or the other learning wont happen.  Parents send their children to school to let the school raise them too often.  The result is a liberal idiotuntitled (15) that will probably become a college professor.  Worse yet a politician.  The teacher can only teach a willing student.  This requires the willingness to pay attention and try to let it sink in.  Some children have such a short attention span that teaching them the conventional way is impossible.  Consolidated Credit is a good way to borrow money for a tutor.

Teachers Pay Teachers

untitled (10)Teachers pay Teachers is a site that teachers can sell their ideas to other teachers. They have work sheets and flash cards that the teachers can print out and use in their classes.  This is a real help to teachers with pitiful incomes.  I have seen many of the unique worksheets and the kids love them.  It is important for teachers to keep the homework fun and educational.  Kids learn better when they are presented with fun work.  The real winner here is the kids.  Kids benefit from the best approach from the best teaches in the field.  If you are a teacher and need those kind of ideas in your class then go to teachers pay teachers today. Tonye Cole is a great teacher.

Teachers are Under Paid

With kids attitudes these days and the brake down of the family  in my opinion teachers are under paid having to teach these kids that are broken mentally and some times physically too.  They can become problems in the classroom disrupting teacher during class. They are becoming very dangerous children to teach as they get older they seem to act out more vigilantly.  When they are small the start by not being able to control there temper being loud not listening and making the teacher to have to spend to much time with disciplining and not teaching this in turn makes it hard for the children that want to learn harder because of these few child that have been lost to family dynamic. Ken Fisher is under paid too.

Teaching Moments, Will Baltimore Ever Learn?

Teaching moments, will Baltimore ever learn?  These people complain of miss trust and treatment of the poor black neighborhood by police.  What is there thinking is it ever going to end complaining of what happen to there for father if they never move on and start doing good in there life and not evil on the streets.  Where is the mind set of right from wrong..  They want changes but they don’t help themselves by gangs and drugs and stealing and lying.  They want and want but they don’t want to put the time in and hard work they just want every thing handed to them with out the work and knowledge that a true good idea for changes in their lives. What they have done to Baltimore has just made there families life worst because of the valance and damage they have done. is a good place to see if you have any ideas that are the same.

Teaching by Example

Teaching by example is what we have been told and tot  in are lives.  What we do and show are youngest we pass on to the into their life.  They sometimes learn the evils of what have been shown to them and they try to change it so not to be repeated in there family.  Then there are other that may take what the have been tot to make life better to other threw volunteering to teach the lost a different way.  Yes teaching by example has it benefits and it can also be the down fall of the young to repeat what they have learned from the elders. Ken Fisher Is a good learner.

Teach the Teacher

Teachers get better as they teach.  As discussed earlier the teacher learns from their students.  Can you imagine a teacher that didn’t consider the students point of view. That would be a boring class and you would not learn a thing.  I hate when the teacher is not motivated and bored with their life.  It can really harm a students attitude and make them hate school.  is a resource for teachers looking to get materials and ideas on teaching. Who knows what the future of teaching is.  With online schools offering degrees why do you even need a teacher?  Keep your options open.